Season 1
Chicano Squad: Episode 7 – Little Girls Lost

When two little girls go missing in Texas, only 11 days apart, it’s a race against the clock to bring them home safely. One will have the attention of the entire country – the other has the Chicano Squad.

Recreation of an article from the Houston Chronicle covering the case of Baby Reyes.

– Text Credit: Houston Chronicle

One of the many articles from all over the country covering Baby Jessica.

– Credit: Houston Chronicle


Chicano Squad: Episode 6 – Officer Down

Officer Jaime Escalante’s tenacious investigative style and work with confidential informants has earned him the fear and respect of the Colombian cartels. But when a police officer is murdered, finding the killers will mean more than just going up against drug dealers – he’ll have to stand up to other police officers, too.

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Chicano Squad: Episode 5 – Cocaine Kings

Just when the Squad has begun to make real headway against the murders plaguing Houston’s Latino neighborhoods, a new, more sinister threat emerges. The Cartels have arrived in Houston – and they’re leaving a trail of bodies in their wake.

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Chicano Squad: Episode 3 – Between the Barrio and the Badge

Growing up in the barrio, with brothers on the wrong side of the law, Cecil Mosqueda had every reason to distrust the police. He became a cop to prove there was a better way. But in the wake of José Campos Torres’ death, his loyalties to his badge and his community will be tested like never before.

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Chicano Squad: Episode 2 – One Dollar for a Life

When the officers involved in the drowning of José Campos Torres get off with little more than a slap on the wrist and a dollar fine, decades of racial tensions explode in what would come to be known as the Moody Park Riot. With its back against the wall, HPD needs to try something new.

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