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Passport is a show about the world.  And all the wonderful, surprising, and downright strange stories you hear when you throw away the guide book.

We’re living through an extraordinary time. The world has never been more connected, but we’ve also never been more isolated.   As we all reckon with how the Covid19 pandemic has changed our lives there’s never been a better time for the stories we’ve been collecting.  Stories that help us understand each other a little better and connect us to each other, at a time when travel is an aspiration. 

Every week, a new amazing place, a new amazing story.  Listen from anywhere and travel the world.





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Neil Innes and Andres Bartos are documentary filmmakers and best friends based in Barcelona. They have traveled and lived all over the world, from Rio to Seattle, Australia to Bolivia, and gotten into trouble almost everywhere! Prior to joining the Frequency Machine team to helm Passport, Neil and Andres created location-based audio experiences for the groundbreaking travel app, Detour. Together with a band of international producers they introduce us to remarkable people and enthralling stories from around the world, with lighthearted humor that is an antidote to the 24/7 news cycle. 


In Season One of Passport we are off to some spectacular places to tell you stories that could only have happened there. 

Come along and let’s visit Belfast to find out how Game of Thrones transformed a war torn city.  Then we’re off to a wild west haven named Jackson Hole… in China.   We’re also going to Sicily to find out about a new culinary wave that’s thwarting the mafia.   

We’re going to Jerusalem to meet some extraordinary artists on the front lines, to Greenland to chase down a monster hunter, and to Seoul to see if Kpop can save the world.  

We’ll hit Los Angeles to hear how Charles Manson changed American music, Bolivia to taste an illusive wine that’s become a celebrity favorite, and Dubai to explore a paradise of exclusive themed islands. 

To discuss the places we’re going and participate in our stories contact us at



There are a number of standard partnership options available, or we can create a custom solution.

Branded Content Integration

Passport is full of unique opportunities within our dynamically produced episodes for organic brand integration, separate from the standard assigned ad placements.  The show is built around experiencing new places and meeting new people.  The FM team will work with you to create the best organic integration of your product or service. 

Newsletter Placement

Take over the “The Ticket” – the Passport newsletter – every week a companion to the podcast with a fascinating story, travel news, and offers.

Custom Produced Ad Spots

-Make your ads more than ads – let our team of producers help tell the story of your brand or product. 

Social Influence

Passport’s social media community is an active and engaged audience. 

Event and Conference Activations

We travel with you to a conference, trade show, or event and host a panel or interview with your brand ambassador or executive.  The resultant recording can be rolled over into a custom ad spot.  (The fee for this is typically based on travel costs and time required.)


Offer our listeners the opportunity to win your product or service, which we can describe during the show with an included CTA (such as joining your mailing list). 

 Full Branded Series

We produce a series of episodes focused around a topic related to your product or service, and your brand is identified as the sponsor.

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© 2018, Frequency Machine Studios.