In The Gap
Did the KGB get to Richard Miller? Or did Richard Miller get to them?

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Frequency Machine and Audible take you back to the height of the Cold War for the untold story of 

Richard W. Miller – the first FBI agent arrested for espionage against his own country. 

It’s 1984. US intelligence officers battling the Soviets know that KGB spies could be anywhere. Anywhere except the FBI. Because the Bureau has never been compromised—until now.

When Miller is spotted with a suspected Soviet spy and former FBI Informant, it sets off a chain of events that will threaten national security, shake public faith in the institutions meant to protect Americans, destroy a family, and derail careers. Featuring the voices of Congressman Adam Schiff, Richard W. Miller’s family, former US Attorney Robert Bonner, and veteran reporter Linda Deutsch—and based off of extensive research, including Miller’s own prison diaries and trial transcripts spanning 7 years. Expect intrigue, suspense, and a modern exploration of a remarkable past event.

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About the Hosts

Brittany Pressley – Narrator / Svetlana

Brittany Pressley is an NYC based narrator of nearly 400 books. She has been awarded with multiple Audiofile Magazine Earphone awards, a 2018 Audie Award and was a 2020 YALSA Amazing Audiobook top 10 winner. Her voice can be heard on National TV and radio commercials and she is a series regular on Netflix’s Winx Club and Robocar Poli. She is a proud graduate of Columbia University.

Gary Wolf – Richard Miller

Gary Wolf is an actor, director, and voiceover artist with over 25 years experience in the
industry. As an actor, he most recently worked with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe in director Shane Black’s film the Nice Guys. He has guest starred on television in CSI: NY,
Criminal Minds, Desperate Housewives, Medium, Kitchen Confidential and The Shield. As a director, Gary won Grand Prize at New York City’s Strawberry One Act Festival with playwright Brian Maloney’s A Peace Replaced. He went on to direct the critically acclaimed Los Angeles production of Resurrection Of The Ants by Paul Fontana.

Nick Sullivan – John Hunt, Al Sayers, and others

Nick Sullivan has worked extensively on Broadway and has appeared in many films and television shows, including Orange is the New Black, Boardwalk Empire, The Good Wife, The Affair, Divorce, 30 Rock, Elementary, Fosse/Verdon, and all three Law & Order series. A winner of numerous Earphones and Audie Awards, Nick has been recording audiobooks since the days of cassette tapes, narrating over five hundred titles in nearly every genre, including four novels of his own. He was recently the subject of an article in The Guardian for his narration of William Gaddis’s seminal work, JR.


EPISODE 1 – The Worst Thing You Can Imagine

For decades, the FBI has kept the KGB from infiltrating their ranks. Until now. When FBI agent Richard W. Miller and Russian emigre Svetlana Ogorodnikova are spotted near the Soviet consulate in San Francisco, the news travels all the way to Bureau Headquarters. Within days, a completely unprecedented investigation is launched in order to answer the urgent question: is there a mole in the FBI?

EPISODE 2 – To Catch a Mole

The investigation of alleged KGB Spy Richard W. Miller – code named Operation Whipworm – is missing a smoking gun. Hundreds of agents, thousands of man hours, all under absolute secrecy, and still no ironclad proof that Miller is a spy. That changes when Miller and Svetlana buy tickets to Vienna for a meeting with the Soviets. Now, the FBI has 16 days to nail its suspects. But as the Bureau gets ready to close in, Miller does the one thing they never expected.

EPISODE 3 – The Double Agent

Three months before anyone suspected him of espionage, a phone call changed Richard W. Miller’s life. The caller told Miller she had information on the KGB’s activities. Miller was on the Soviet Counterintelligence squad, but just barely. After years of screwups he wasn’t the most popular agent. This was his chance to turn things around. Miller got approval for the meeting. And nothing -for him or the FBI -would ever be the same.

EPISODE 4 – As Far as I Can Go

On September 27th, 1984, Richard W. Miller did what no one expected: He came clean to the FBI. But according to Miller he was using the KGB for intelligence, not the other way around. Had the FBI really gotten it all wrong? Or was this a cunning move by a dangerous double agent?

EPISODE 5 – Five Days in Purgatory, CA

Richard W. Miller is feeling good. After explaining how he infiltrated the KGB, he sees redemption in his future. But the FBI sees something else – a traitor who’s come up with a desperate cover story to try and save his own skin. And as Miller and his interrogators square off, the question is who can prove which version is the truth?

EPISODE 6 – The Hammer Falls

It’s all been leading to this. A midnight raid to arrest Miller and the Ogorodnikovs before they can do any more damage to national security. All month the FBI has done everything in its power to keep the existence of Operation Whipworm hidden -from Miller and Svetlana, from the KGB, even from the majority of the FBI itself. After tonight, the secret will be out, and there’s no going back.

EPISODE 7 – No Way Out

The arrests were only the beginning. Now, U.S. Attorney Robert Bonner must try the biggest espionage case in U.S. history. The prosecution sets its sights on the Ogorodnikovs first; they hope to put them away quickly, so they can turn their attention to the real prize – Miller. To do that, they’ll take a gamble on a key witness with firsthand knowledge of what happened – Richard W. Miller himself.

EPISODE 8 – Richard’s Day in Court

If he’s found guilty, Richard W. Miller knows that he’ll never live to see the outside world again. And history is not in his favor. There hasn’t been an acquittal in an espionage case in 40 years. To make matters worse, his lover and alleged co-conspirator has flipped, telling the court that the two of them worked for the KGB. Miller and his defense team need to convince the jury that he’s not the traitor the Prosecution says he is. All that’s at stake is his life.

EPISODE 9 – Checkmate

For the first time in 40 years, the U.S. has failed to convict an alleged spy. It’s a stunning defeat for a U.S. Attorney’s office not accustomed to losing. And worse, a signal to the KGB that they can act without paying a price. But for Richard W. Miller, it’s the ultimate 2nd chance. Now, to have any hope, the Defense will have to do something unpredictable. Something like putting Svetlana Ogorodnkova on the stand. What could possibly go wrong?

EPISODE 10 – Last Chance

The U.S. Attorney’s Office thought they were done with Richard W. Miller. But Miller wasn’t done with them. Sentenced to life in prison, Miller never stopped proclaiming his innocence. And when an appeals court rules that the jury never should have heard some of the most damning evidence against him, the stage is set for one last courtroom battle. Miller’s trusted attorneys remain in his corner. And for the Government? A young Assistant U.S. Attorney named Adam Schiff.

EPISODE 11 – Epilogue

In May of 1994, Richard W. Miller is released from prison – and into a different world. Svetlana and Nikolai are out of prison, too. The Soviet Union is gone. The Cold War is over. But the truth is more complicated than that. Today, as Vladimir Putin’s Russia continues to wage covert acts of espionage against the U.S., the question becomes what dangers will we miss now if we don’t remember what we learned then?

© 2018, Frequency Machine Studios.
© 2018, Frequency Machine Studios.