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Neil Innes

Neil is a documentary filmmaker, editor and writer based in Barcelona.  He is a horror movie connoisseur, plays an excellent blues guitar, and has gotten into trouble all over the world.

Best Trip Ever

Spending 3 months intensely traveling India and Nepal alone and never once having a “bad tummy.”

Andrés Bartos

Andrés is a documentary film director and editor based in Barcelona. He has lived in Seattle, La Paz, Berlin, and Rio and he played Lt. Schrank in his high school’s performance of West Side Story. 

Best Trip Ever

A month spent in Brazil, where he lived across from some marmoset monkeys in Rio, almost got run over by men on horseback in a favela in Bahía, and danced for several hours with thousands of people in a spontaneous carnaval parade.

Billy Craigan-Toon – Producer

Billy is a documentary filmmaker and teaches filmmaking with the INto INdustry programme in Barcelona.  He’s also technically a felon, though exactly why remains a mystery.

Best Trip Ever

Walking in the Pyrenees where, despite warnings from locals, he and his friends scaled an icy ridge, slipping intermittently and for 1.5 hours could not escape the feeling that they were all about to die. They didn’t. So at the top they ate fuet and drank J & B to celebrate being alive.

Harriett Davies – Producer

Harriet is a documentary filmmaker and journalist, with a background in history and sociology.  She’ll eat anything once – proven when she once ate a fetus egg – it was an accident, but still, she ate it. 

Best Trip Ever

Spending Christmas in Hanoi, a city that doesn’t celebrate the holiday but loves decorations, where she enjoyed; giant Santa projections, rice wine with locals, conversations via translation app, and a tiny, perilous boat ride on her way to see her oldest, and dearest friends.

Harry Stott – Producer

Harry is an Oxford-born journalist and broadcaster who has produced shows for networks in the US and across Europe, including MusicMap, a groundbreaking series about music around the world. He was also a famous child actor – he won’t share details with us, but Google will! 

Best Trip Ever

Trekking deep into the Bolivian Amazon and hanging out with spider monkeys, caimans, parrots, tapirs and capybaras – who developed a worryingly enthusiastic taste for sweaty human skin.

Jennifer Carr – Producer

Jen is a British born travel journalist and commercial script writer.  She’s traveled to over 57 countries, lived on 3 continents, once slept in a FARC military camp in Columbia, and makes an epic Southern Indian curry. 

Best Trip Ever

Staying in a mountain “yoga retreat” in central Colombia that quickly turned into a Hari Krishna extreme cult, complete with 4am group chants, giant black moths, mandatory hard labour and outdoor wooden coffin ‘beds’. She escaped, after two days, by paying a local underaged motocyclist to save her. 



Episode 38: Australia – Part 2: Asteroids and the Outback

For every Celestial Emu there’s a planet-killing space rock on an inevitable path towards earth. In our season 1 finale, Passport producers Jennifer Carr and Andrés Bartos head back Down Under to talk about asteroids, the scars they leave, and the stories they’ve created.

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Episode 32: India: Love on the Rails

This week, Passport is taking a journey on the Indian Railway. These train cars are a moving microcosm of India, and the inspiration behind some of the country’s greatest love stories – on the Bollywood screen and in real life.

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Episode 29: Passport Goes to the Polls

As the US goes to the polls, Passport goes there too. But not to America. Take a break from the anxiety and divisiveness of the US election with two stories that show the true, positive, power of democracy across the globe.

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