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From the Travel Journal: The Shady Place in the Sun

Season 1Where is Princess Latifah?by DOMINIQUE FERRARIThis week, Passport traveled to the United Arab Emirates to explore the luxurious and sometimes shady world of Dubai’s man-made islands. But if the lives of Dubai’s richest island residents seem wild and...

Stories on our frequencies.

Feminist Files: Episode 10 – The Finale: Bring it On

Season 1 As we come full circle, Bunny’s unique form of activism takes flight, while Rora makes a connection that changes her life forever as she walks through the Title IX office doors - doors her Aunt Bunny helped created - after she is sexually assaulted. Though...

Feminist Files: Episode 9 – A Mystery Solved

Season 1 In the last letter in the folder of correspondence with Bunny, Pauli Murray writes to share news of the ordination into the priesthood in the Episcopal Church, and Bunny is invited to the ceremony for Reverend Doctor Murray! Pauli reflects on the slow work of...

Feminist Files: Episode 8 – Patsy and Wendy Mink: Think Mink

Season 1 Opposition to Title IX heats up as the NCAA realizes what’s at stake. Wendy Mink brings to vivid life her mother Patsy Takemoto Mink’s - the first woman of color in Congress - role in crafting the succinct 37 words that would become Title IX. As the bill...

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