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From the Travel Journal: The Shady Place in the Sun

Season 1Where is Princess Latifah?by DOMINIQUE FERRARIThis week, Passport traveled to the United Arab Emirates to explore the luxurious and sometimes shady world of Dubai’s man-made islands. But if the lives of Dubai’s richest island residents seem wild and...

Stories on our frequencies.

Chicano Squad: Episode 11 – Whose Stories Get Told

Season 1 Forty years after it was founded, the Chicano Squad was almost completely forgotten. In our final episode, a look at how a dedicated few made sure the Squad's legacy would live on, and questions about what we can learn from them today.Detail of the program...

Chicano Squad: Episode 10 – The Ones That Stay With You

Season 1 After twenty years, the Chicano Squad had an extraordinary 91% clearance rate. But there were some cases where justice eluded even them.The HPD case file on Norma Torres' murder. - Source: Houston Police Department, obtained through the Texas Public...

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